image001Tooro Botanical Gardens has set aside a 2 acre garden within its main garden to serve as a practical training centre for the local community. This centre is composed of a food garden, living home pharmacy, fruit trees, paved walkways and a grass thatched banda in the middle of the centre. The banda depicts a traditional Tooro house and is used for training purposes for both the community and school children who visit the site.

TBG has also been involved in coordinating with the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, National Forestry Authority and CSOs working in the environmental and natural resources sector, facilitating resource user groups, to sensitize the poor natural resource dependent communities around the major national parks on community conservation.



It has championed problem animal management in communities living adjacent to Kibale Forest National Park by coming up with alternative measures of using buffer crops such as chilli and thorny bushes to deter animals as well as digging trenches between the park and the community.



School Seminars / Tours


Tooro Botanical Gardens team of guides are trained to conduct and raise awareness of conservation issues and environmental sustainability. Tours and seminars are offered to schools, universities and private and governmental institutions in order to strengthen environmental consciousness. Nature walks and games, combining entertainment and brainstorming, are implemented to teach academic topics, as well as additional knowledge of forest ecology, multiuse values of trees and the advantages of preserving biodiversity.Most of the school based seminars are based on school curriculum but other special tours can also be organized on request regarding specific areas of conservation.



Prof. Edward Rugumayo Biodiversity conservation Library and Resource Centre


For over fifty years, the founder and chairman of TBG, Professor Edward Rugumayo,has been involved in biodiversity conservation in different parts of the world. To celebrate his life’s commitment to preserving and conserving the environment Tooro Botanical Gardens has set up a library and resource centre in his honour.



Many of Tooro Botanical Gardens board members and staff have published books, journals and research papers on herbal medicines and biodiversity conservation and these can be viewed at the library. Among the literature published are the ‘Family Medicinal PlantGarden’ book by the late former Director, MonikAdriens,‘Alternatives to Exotic Species in Uganda: Growth and Cultivation of 85 Indigenous Tree’ by Quentin Meunier et al.,‘Trees, Shrubs and Climbers Valued by Rural Communities in Western Uganda: Utilisation and Propagation Potential’ by Quentin Meunier and ‘3000 Nights of Terror’ by Prof. EdwardRugamayo. These and other books on biodiversity conservation constitute a rich library that is open to the public.




Children’s Garden


Under preparation at the garden is a children’s park with lots of games geared towards environmental awareness and biodiversity education. This exiting children centre will be opened in the next year.