Tooro Botanical Gardens (TBG) is an indigenous NGO founded in 2001 as a centre of excellence in growing, maintaining and displaying living collections of the Albertine Rift plants for conservation, scientific research, education, horticultural, medicinal, culinary, aesthetic and recreational purposes. Overtime, however, this focus has gradually been broadened due to the need to keep TBG relevant to her operating contexts.

For the last 13 years (2001-2013), TBG has made good strides towards preservation of endangered botanical resources in the Albertine region, environmental education and research and production of herbal medicine. In this period, TBG established her own botanical gardens for endangered plant species; acquired hectares of leased land from National Forest Authority within Fort Portal Municipality for a period of 25 years from 2006-2031 and established own office block. Some of the key challenges that TBG faces from her operating environment includes: poor conservation practices among communities; limited knowledge on environmental conservation practices, limited appreciation of value and use of herbal medicine and dye plants and weak enforcement of existing policies and laws related to environmental protection and conservation.